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Using Visuals In an Early Education Setting

Using our Picture This... flashcard software you can easily create visuals that will make your classroom run more smoothly. Young students or those with learning disabilities will be able to pick up their toys, follow individual schedules, and participate in classroom activities more easily if they have visuals to help guide them.

The examples shown below should give you an idea of what you can do to organize your classroom.

Labeling all of the shelves in your classroom will help to students to return materials to the right place. Be sure to use words and photos so that non-readers can help out too.
Giving students some choices helps them to feel more independent.
Nonverbal or young children may have a difficult time expressing what they would like to eat at snack time. Giving them a menu with a few choices will make the decision easier.
Even nonverbal students who have a difficult time processing spoken language can learn to follow rules. Create a ring of behavioral rules, or tape the appropriate ones to a child's desk. These visual reminders will help him to independently control disruptive behaviors.


 Visuals in the Classroom