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Using Visuals Around the Home

Using our Picture This... flashcard software you can easily create visuals that will make your everyday household run more smoothly. Young children or those with learning disabilities will be able to participate in household routines since no reading is required. Kids will understand what chores they need to do, where to put away their toys, and what the daily schedule is. They will also require less assistance with daily living skills such as washing and dressing.

The examples shown below should give you an idea of what you can do to organize your own household. Robin Allen, PhD created these samples using photos from the Picture This... series.

Does your child always skip a step when washing his hands? He won't any more if you create visual reminders for each step.
If you have a visual checklist, homework is easier to complete.
"Don't forget to rinse your hair!" You won't have to keep reminding your kids how to wash if you have visual reminders taped to the bathtub.
Do you need more help putting away the laundry, but your child doesn't know where to put everything? Try putting photo labels on each of the drawers. Your child can learn matching and sorting skills while you get a little extra help. Having these drawers labeled will also help your child to get dressed independently.
Do you have a hard time getting your child up and out the door in the morning? Do you have to constantly remind him what to do next? Try creating a visual schedule. As each step is completed, the child places it in the finished bin. Before you know it, your child will be right on task and out the door on time.


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