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Places You Go, Things You Do

The Places You Go, Things You Do Photo Collection for Picture This... contains over 3,500 full-color photographs of everyday activities and places in the community. Like the photos from Picture This..., many of the photos on this CD are against a plain white background.

The photos on the CD are divided into 58 folders within the following main topic areas: appointments, classes, dining, leisure, places, shopping, sports, and travel.

Use the photographs to:

  • Create photo schedules or encourage discussion about a particular topic
  • Alleviate fears by discussing doctor, dentist and hair cut visits ahead of time
  • Show your child what a new class such as gymnastics or soccer looks like before they have to attend
  • Make plane, train and car trips go more smoothly by creating photo schedules
  • Help your child or client learn how to order and act at a restaurant

The formatting software which comes with this CD is compatible with Windows 98 or higher (including Windows 7) or Mac OS X 10.2 or higher.

How much does it cost?

Places You Go, Things You Do - Mac/Win
Price:  $39.95
Places You Go CD