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Conversation Coach

Conversation Coach can be played in one of three modes:

  • Talk to a Friend
  • Make a Statement
  • Talk to the Computer

Talk to A Friend

In this mode, players learn that a conversation is like a game.

A player chooses something to say, then passes the ball to the other player.  A quiet symbol teaches players that they need to be quiet when it is not their turn to talk.  If a player no longer needs extra hints, the ball, coach and quiet symbols can be turned off. 

Conversations can be customized for each student's needs.  You can also select which conversations are available for a particular student.

Talk to the Computer

This mode allows a player to practice 2 way conversations against the computer.   The computer randomly selects questions to ask, then the player is presented with appropriate response choices.  You can also use this mode for quizzes.

Make a Statement

This mode is similar to using a communication device.  Players are able make requests and comments.  Statements can be any combination of text and pictures.   Submenus can be programmed to appear after a player makes a selection.

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Talk to a Friend

Players pass the conversation back and forth.


Make a Statement

One player makes a request or makes a statement.