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Quality Software and Related Products for Visual Learners since 1998


How To Videos

Use our photo and interactive software to unlock the true potential of visual learners.

Since 1998 our software products have been helping special needs individuals to learn language and communicate with photos.  All of our products are designed for students who learn well with materials which contain clear visuals and prompts.

Our distraction-free photos with plain backgrounds are ideal for making photo schedules, communication boards and picture exchange cards.  They are also perfect for teaching life skills such as toilet training, dressing, cooking and chores.

In addition to software, we offer educational materials such as the Teaching Hands Clock which are designed for students who need visual prompts.

Our products are ideal for those with autism, brain injury, CP, Down Syndrome, developmental delays, aphasia and other conditions requiring augmentative communication.  Our photo software is also a great way to teach new words to ESL and special education students.