The following books will give you some great ideas about how to use Picture This... to create activity schedules, PECS, and other visuals that can be used to increase communication.

Teaching Conversation to Children with Autism

Teaching Conversation to Children with Autism describes scripts that parents and teachers can use to help children learn to initiate conversation, thereby improving communication. Drs. McClannahan and Krantz, authors of Activity Schedules for Children with Autism, have successfully used scripts and script-fading techniques based on their clinical observations and research, and founded on applied behavior analysis principles.

The authors begin by thoroughly explaining the script and script-fading processes and include many examples to support the instructions. A script is an audiotaped or written word, phrase, or sentence that often reflects the child’s preferences and interests. For very young children and nonreaders, scripts are paired with pictures of desired objects or activities.

Teaching Conversation to Children with Autism also covers:

  • Prompts and rewards
  • Observing, evaluating, and measuring results
  • Activity schedules, card readers, and voice recorders
  • Conversation activities
  • Scripts for readers and nonreaders

Teaching Conversation to Children with Autism demonstrates that scripts are a valuable tool to improve interaction for children and even adolescents and adults. Use scripts at home, in school, in the workplace, and in the community.

Price:  $17.95


Fisher's Net

Fisher’s Net is a great companion book for the Picture This... CD. It includes illustrations and instructions demonstrating how to construct teaching activities using the Picture This software. Each activity includes: objectives, directions for completing the activities, a list of needed materials, and game rules. If you work with children ages 3 to 8 and need some creative ideas for teaching language and pre-academic skills, this is a perfect choice.

Price:  $29.95


Activity Schedules for Children with Autism

Activity Schedules

This guide shows parents and professionals how to make and use activity schedules---a set of pictures or words that cues a child to engage in a sequence of activities--to help children with autism become more independent.

Price:  $16.95


A Picture's Worth: PECS and Other Visual Communication Strategies in Autism

For parents of children with autism who are nonverbal, this book examines the value of visual communication strategies. Presents the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)--developed by the authors--and other augmentative and alternative communication strategies.

Price:  16.95


Visual Strategies For Improving Communication
By Linda Hodgdon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

  • Who is it for?
    Teachers, parents, Speech Pathologists and other people who work and live with students with autism spectrum disorders or other communication challenges. The strategies in this book have application for students with a variety of disability labels and special needs.
  • What is the book about?
    One of the major areas of difficulty for students with autism spectrum disorders is the development of social and communication skills. Communication breakdowns can be a "root" cause of problems in social interaction, educational performance, and behavior. While it is common for educational programming to focus on developing communication skills, that focus in most settings tends to be directed toward developing the student's expressive communication. Comparatively little attention is directed toward increasing the student's ability to understand the communication in his life. This book demonstrates why an inability to effectively take in and understand information can be a significant factor in these student's performance. Visual Strategies for Improving Communication contains numerous easy to use systems and strategies that have proven to help these students significantly improve their ability to understand, express themselves, participate in home and school routines and improve overall behavior.
  • About the Author
    Linda Hodgdon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, has been addressing the communication needs of students diagnosed with Autism, Behavior Disorders, and the severely language impaired for over twenty-five years. As a speech pathologist, her leadership developed an innovative program model for enhancing the development of communication that has been emulated throughout the United States. This program has emphasized the integration of communication training into ongoing functional activities and the development of visually mediated communication systems. In 1991 the Michigan Speech and Hearing Association honored Hodgdon's program as "Program of the Year". In 1998, Hodgdon received the Wayne State University Kopp Outstanding Alumnus Award.
    As a sought after speaker, Hodgdon shares her expertise through frequent consultations, conference presentations, school in-services, as an adjunct professor at Oakland University, and as a guest lecturer at Wayne State University, Western Michigan University and Michigan State University.

Price:  39.95


Videos for Parents and Teachers

Using Visual and Behavioral Cues in the Home

Using Visual and Behavioral Cues in the Home>

In this two-hour DVD, Behavior Specialist, Dr. Robin Allen, provides parents, professionals, and other caregivers with practical visual and behavioral strategies to enhance communication, prevent disruptive behaviors and increase their child's independence in performing daily life skills. This DVD will teach the viewer how to create conditions for success in the home/community environment. The DVD includes a demonstration on how to make visual cues and provides resources for other supportive information and products.

DVD Price:  $69.95


Videos That Teach

The following videos provide parents and children with quality programming that is appropriate for a child’s earliest stages of development.

Watch Me Learn - Volume 2 VHS

Watch Me Learn videos show kids playing and learning in everyday life situtations. They are a fun learning tool that parents and teachers use to educate children on the autism spectrum and developmentally delayed children. Utilizing effective learning concepts, skills are taught by relying on methodical Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior. Targeted skills include:

  • Attending
  • Language
  • Imitation
  • Social
  • Self-Help
  • Pre-Academic
Watch Me Learn kids teach through play, peer socialization, and everyday life situations. Coupled with continual movement and music, Watch Me Learn videos make learning fun! Length 38:29

Price:  $25.00


Watch Me Learn - School Days VHS

Come join the WML kids in a fun day at school. Grace shows you how to get ready packing your backpack, tying your shoes and zipping your coat. The fun then begins at the bus stop playing football. Brett announces the arrival of the bus and after everyone gets on, the “Buckle Up” song teaches how cool it is to be safe. Upon arrival, the WML kids greet the teacher, unpack their stuff and start their day with the pledge. The day continues with jobs, centers, circle time, speech class, physical education and show and tell. All of these include teaching skills like following directions, listening, asking questions and many, many more. Lunch is sure to stimulate the funny bone with Brett showing his muscles, hearing a knock, knock joke and other funny stuff! Recess and gym will delight the physically active with a kickball game and an obstacle course. In art class, the kids learn how to cut, glue, trace and follow verbal directions. The day is complete when Grace arrives home, shows Mom her artwork and begins her homework A sure hit for the upcoming season! Running Time: 53 minutes

Price:  $29.95


Alphabet Phonics and Fun

BumbleBee Kid's Alphabet video is a lively and entertaining exploration of the ABCs. This video was awarded 2003 Video of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. Performed by kids for kids, this video covers all the alphabet basics your child needs to know including letter recognition, writing and beginning phonics! This video is a must for Kindergarten readiness!

VHS Price:  $15.95


DVD Price:  $19.95


Opposites & More

This video explores concepts which are critical to the advancement of your child’s verbal & reasoning skills. The twenty words presented are first introduced as ten "opposite pairs" using comparison & contrast to promote comprehension, then they are used in a simple story.

VHS Price:  $15.95


DVD Price:  $15.95


Crazy for Colors

BumbleBee Kids has introduced a new video about color. The unique and entertaining teaching approach used in this video will nurture your child's growing visual sense. Crazy For Colors also explores simple patterns such as stripes, spots and more. This is a perfect video to teach colors and patterns to your pre-schooler!

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $14.95


Vocabulary Builder™ 1

Vocabulary Builder™ 1, was a 1999 Parents' Choice Award Winner and recipient of an "A" rating from Parenting Magazine. Vocabulary Builder™ Volume 1 was designed to boost your child's language development and is now recommended by thousands of parents, educators and speech therapists. This video is set to a delightful selection of Mozart's Music and is sure to entertain and educate! Buy on DVD for maximum interactivity and multiple languages!

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $24.95


Vocabulary Builder™ 2

The 2nd volume of the popular Vocabulary Builder video series features 23 fun new words set to the music of Handel. Vocabulary Builder 2 is a sure way to give your child the very best start! Order on DVD for interactivity and multiple languages!

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $24.95


Vocabulary Builder™ 3

Volume 3 continues the Brain-Building-Fun with a New Group of Words. This Video Features Musical Selections by Haydn! DVD contains interactivity and multiple languages!

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $24.95


Vocabulary Builder™ 4

The Fourth Volume of the Vocabulary Builder Series is the Perfect Mix of Fun and Learning. Vivaldi Provides a Charming Musical Score to Enhance Your Baby's Learning Experience.

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $24.95


Vocabulary Builder™ 5

Beethoven is the perfect score for the latest volume in the Bee Smart Baby™ Vocabulary Builder™ Series, introducing new words and new vocabulary building fun!

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $24.95



Action Words!™ Volume 1, Winner of a 2002 Parenting Magazine Video Magic Award, is a perfect video for children using single words but not yet speaking in sentences. This video features over 20 new verbs and includes simple sentence structure. Action Words Volume 1 is set to the music of Beethoven.

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $19.95



The Second video in the 3-volume Action Words!™ Series features over 20 new Words (verbs) and is set the classical music of Chopin and is an excellent choice for enhancing early language development.

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $19.95



The Second video in the 3-volume Action Words!™ Series features over 20 new Words (verbs) and is set the classical music of Chopin and is an excellent choice for enhancing early language development.

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $19.95


All About Me

All About Me introduces infants and toddlers to their own bodies! This exploration of the human body is tailored to the littlest learners and presents a number of original songs your child will love to sing along with. A cast of children and babies ensures that your child will be captivated.

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $19.95


Motorized Madness

Motorized Madness is the perfect choice for your budding engineer, this new video is an educational look at machines and their parts. Ten exciting machines plus lots of kids equals a fun look at motorized vehicles! Your child will love watching these machines busy at work and play.

VHS Price:  $14.95


DVD Price:  $19.95


Bumblebee's 123s

BumbleBee's 123s combines Numeracy™ and Sequencing™ in a 2-Volume Set! BumbleBee's 123s is an exciting first look at numbers and counting. These videos cover all the number basics and helps get your child ready for kindergarten.

VHS Set Price:  $19.95


DVD Price:  $24.95


Baby Bumblebee Flashcards

  • Sturdy cards printed with non-toxic ink.
  • Wonderful activity to take along on outings or for teaching new vocabulary.
  • Large, Board Book FuncardsTM with brilliant photographic images.
  • 3 different sets available: Vocabulary; Alphabet; and Color, Shape & Pattern Funcards.

Alphabet Flashcards

This over-sized set of 26 beautifully designed flashcards makes learning the alphabet a snap! The cards include upper & lower case letters, ASL finger signs, traceable letters & lots of colorful photographs. These cards can be paired with the Alphabet Phonics & Fun video for maximum teaching value.

Alphabet Flashcards Price:  $12.95


Colors, Shapes & Patterns Flashcards

This vibrant set of 24 oversized flashcards features all the basic colors, shapes, and patterns. These flashcards can be paired with the Crazy for Colors video for entertaining learning fun.

Colors, Shapes, and Patterns Flashcards Price:  $12.95


Vocabulary Builder Flashcards

This set of flashcards introduces 23 words with full-color photographic images, suggested questions and an American Sign Language translation of each word. These flashcards are designed to be used either alone or in conjunction with the Vocabulary Builder series.

Vocabulary Flashcards Price:  $12.95



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