Teaching Hands Clock
The Teaching Hands Clock takes the guess work out of telling time by highlighting the correct hour and minute numerals.

This working clock's patent-pending hands are sure to attract your students' attention and help them learn to tell time quickly. Think of the hands as training wheels for an analog clock. The shapes at the end of each hand help train the student's eye to look at the correct hour or minute numeral.

Teaching Hands Wall Clock  Price: $29.95

To help your student grasp the concepts of time as quickly as possible, we recommend using the wall clock with the magnetic kit described below.
Wall Clock and Magnetic Clock Price:  $39.95
Magnetic Clock with Teaching Hands
This interactive magnetic clock kit uses the same patent-pending teaching hands as the wall clock to make learning to tell time fun and interactive.

The Magnetic Clock with Teaching Hands includes over 50 magnetic pieces you can use to customize a program for your student’s specific needs, whether at home or in the classroom. Learning to tell time is broken down into manageable lessons as follows:

  • Number to Number Matching with Hour Numerals
  • Number to Number Matching with Minute Numerals
  • Filling in the Missing Numbers with Hour Numerals
  • Filling in the Missing Numbers with Minute Numerals
  • Reading the Hour and Minute Numerals with the Teaching Hands
  • Filling in the color-coded "Time Is:"
  • Reading the Hour and Minute Numerals with the color-coded arrow hands and checking answers with the teaching hands
  • Reading the Hour and Minute Numerals with the black clock hands

This systematic, interactive approach, developed by Silver Lining Multimedia, makes time-telling basics fun to learn and build upon, from becoming familiar with hours and minutes to understanding more abstract concepts like quarter and half hours. Because this kit breaks telling time down into manageable parts, typical students as well as those with learning disabilities will be able to feel successful every step of the way.

The Magnetic Clock's adaptability and innovative hands-on design make it ideal for either an entire classroom or a single student.

Teaching Hands Magnetic Clock  Price:  $19.95
If you want your student to learn really quickly, we recommend using the magnetic clock with the wall clock to reinforce the skills that are learned.
Magnetic Clock and Wall Clock Price:  $39.95

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