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Visual Creator

Use the Visual Creator on your iPad, iPod or iPhone To Make:

  • Behavioral Charts
  • Communication Boards
  • Picture Exchange Cards
  • Picture Schedules
  • Photo Flash Cards
  • Sentence Strips
  • Shopping Lists
  • Task Lists
  • Token Boards
  • Visuals for Life Skills
  • Visual Reminders
  • Worksheets

What is Included?

The Visual Creator includes over 1,100 photos with plain backgrounds specifically designed for education and special needs.  The photos that are included with the app, are from the Silver Lining Multimedia Picture This photo collections.  Many of the photos are also used in the Picture This for Boardmaker photo libraries.   These photos have been successfully used since 1998 with thousands of students and clients worldwide.


Also included with the app are over 200 templates and premade pages which you can customize for your students and clients.

Who Is The App Designed for?

Anyone who is a parent, educator or caregiver working with individuals who are visual learners that can benefit from using clear visuals, photo schedules, worksheets and visual aids.


Can I Add Photos?

You can add photos either from the camera, camera roll, or by pasting an image from your clipboard.   For example, you could copy an image from Google Images or from an e-mail.

Can I Customize The Layouts?

Using the templates, you can add your own pictures, rotate them and add your own text.  You can adjust the color of the text and add a "no symbol" on top of any picture.

In addition to the templates, there is a custom grid option which allows you to create any sized card with colored borders which can be rounded.  The custom grids also have an option for cutting lines and text color.

How Do I Print My Pages?

If your iPad or iPod is near an AirPrint printer, you can print directly from your device.   Otherwise, you can email a .pdf of the page to yourself, and then print the page from a computer that is attached to a printer.


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