Visual Foods Support

Windows 7 Compatibility

If you have a disk with copyright date 2008 or later it is Windows 7 compatible.  Please note that when we make changes to our CD's we don't necessarily update the major and minor version numbers (like version 3.0) so you need to check your copyright date.  Visual Foods  has been updated  since 2006.  If you have an earlier disk you will need to order an upgrade for $20.00.  Please call our toll free number, (888) 777-0876, or email us at

Error 257, 239, 238, or 128 (Windows)

These errors occur when Visual Foods is first started or when a picture is selected, or when doing a search. They are presented because of two possibilities, either a label database was corrupted on the system, or you are using an older version of a formatting program with reduced user privileges. Database corruption may occur in some instances if the machine lost power without being shut down, or if there was a system lockup. A fix is available to recover the databases automatically and to provide automatic recovery if the problem occurs again in the future. This fix also permits running at any user privilege level. Please contact Silver Lining Multimedia for support at or by calling our toll free number: (888) 777-0876.

Installer Doesn't Run (Windows)

On some systems it has been reported that the installer on the CD does nothing, or in some cases an error message may occur. If you experience this behavior, there is a fix that is available, please contact Silver Lining Multimedia support at (888) 777-0876.

Windows Error -2147467259 (Windows)

This error occurs with older versions of Visual Foods when a printer driver has been uninstalled from the system. Deleting the print.bin file from the AppState directory of the installation directory (C:\Program Files\SilverLMM\FLS) will fix this error.

Error 127 Mac OS Error 12 (Mac OS X)

This error occurs when the user's folder is stored on a server instead of locally on the machine. A fix is available for this problem, please contact Silver Lining Multimedia support at (888) 777-0876.


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