Students will love learning to tie their shoes with
Party Time in Shoeville
  • Great for Both Visual and Auditory Learners.
  • Uses Special Laces That Students Drive around a Colorful Board.
  • Breaks the Task into 12 Easy Steps.
  • Includes a Story Students Can Remember and Retell.
  • Comes with Tips for Generalizing to Regular Laces.
  • Includes Both Left and Right-Handed Methods.
The 2-sided board works for both left and right-handed students.
The Party Time in Shoeville kit breaks shoe tying down into 12 easy steps which can be taught at the individual's own pace. Both linguistic and visual teaching' methods are used so that students with various learning styles will learn easily. Typically when students are taught to tie their shoes, they are presented with a plain set of shoe laces with no reference points or story to guide them.

The Shoeville kit solves these problems by using color-coded laces with various vehicles at key points on the laces. While listening to or retelling a story about the residents of Shoeville getting ready for a party, students drive the vehicles on the laces around a game board. The board has 12 steps that the students match with the vehicles on the laces. 12 step cards clearly demonstrate how the laces should be held and placed each step of the way.

Step cards help to break down the task and provide visual guidance.
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