Picture This... Professional Edition

The Picture This... Professional Edition

Picture This... Pro , with over 5,000 photos, contains a powerful formatting program which allows you to print any size card, a phonetic and word search engine, plus many other features which are described below.  Any of add-on photo collection CDs can be used alone or combined with Picture This... Pro.

What's Included on the CD?

Overview of Features:

5000 Photos against a plain background
38 of photo categories
Search by Category
Change or Add Labels
Add Your Own Foreign Languages
Print Labels on the Front or Back
Print Personal Photos
Adjust Card Size
Print Border Colors
Print Foreign Languages
Print Colored Labels
Drag and Drop
Copy and Paste
Search by Word
Search Phonetically
Search by Initial, Medial and Final Position Sounds
Create Articulation Cards

What can I do with the cards?

The flash cards are great for picture schedules, communication boards, and for teaching matching skills, reading skills and receptive or expressive vocabulary, and articulation cards

Here are some examples of what you can do.

What do I need to run the CD?

How much does it cost?

Picture This... Professional Edition - Mac/Win
Price:  $89.95


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