Places You Go Things You Do Support

Windows 7 Compatibility

If you have a disk with copyright date 2008 or later it is Windows 7 compatible.  Please note that when we make changes to our CD's we don't necessarily update the major and minor version numbers (like version 3.0) so you need to check your copyright date.  Places You Go Things You Do has been updated several times since 2003.  If you have an earlier disk you will need to order an upgrade for $20.00.  Please call our toll free number, (888) 777-0876, or email us at

New Versions Released

The new versions of the "Places You Go and Things You Do" program support searching the collection of pictures and many new formatting features, in addition to Native Mac OS X support. If you are interested in upgrading, contact Silver Lining Multimedia at (888) 777-0876.

Installer Doesn't Run (Windows)

On some systems it has been reported that double clicking the installer on the CD does nothing, or in some cases an error message may occur. If you experience this behavior, there is a fix that is available, please contact Silver Lining Multimedia support at (888) 777-0876.

Older versions of Places You Go (Windows)

If you have an older version (copyright earlier than 2007) of Places You Go and notice any of the following problems please contact Silver Lining Multimedia, for upgrade information at (888) 777-0876.

Mac OS X update for Places You Go (Macintosh)

A native Mac OS X version of Places You Go is available. If you have an old version and would like to upgrade, please contact Silver Lining Multimedia for upgrade information at (888) 777-0876.


For more information, send a note to

or call toll free 888-777-0876

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